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Seneca Creek Ventures offers comprehensive services including strategic guidance, operational support, mentorship, access to industry experts, and funding through our unique sweat equity model. We empower experienced entrepreneurs in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare sectors, accelerating their path to success.


Seneca Creek Ventures thrives on collaborative projects with passionate partners. We work closely with collaborators, offering resources, guidance, and operational support to develop and nurture new ventures. Leveraging our expertise and network, we refine business models, identify market opportunities, and overcome challenges together. By fostering strong partnerships, Seneca Creek Ventures drives innovation and success in new projects.


Seneca Creek Ventures boasts a diverse portfolio of innovative companies. Among our notable ventures are Axiomedix, Ingentium, Kasumiga Therapeutics (pioneering causal AI for drug discovery), and MycoLink Therapeutics (an innovative new tuberculosis therapeutics company). Each company in our portfolio represents cutting-edge advancements in their respective fields, driven by visionary entrepreneurs and supported by our strategic guidance and resources. 


Seneca Creek Ventures is an innovative "venture studio" that collaborates with experienced entrepreneurs in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare spaces. Our unique sweat equity model allows us to effectively manage early cash flows and empower each company to discover its own product market fit. Through close collaboration, our team of seasoned entrepreneurs, investors, and industry professionals provide comprehensive support, including strategic guidance, operational expertise, and access to a wide network of industry experts. By leveraging our collective resources and expertise, we foster an environment that nurtures the development and growth of groundbreaking ventures. With a commitment to driving advancements in these critical sectors, Seneca Creek Ventures strives to make a positive impact on patient outcomes and revolutionize the landscape of pharma, biotech, and healthcare.


209 Burlington Road

Suite 207

Bedford, MA. 01730

Tel: 978-652-9260

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