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PHEMI Systems

Seneca Creek embarked on a transformative project with PHEMI Systems, a struggling software company based in Vancouver, BC. We were able to build a management team and spearhead a strategic pivot, transitioning the company from an enterprise, on-premise big data platform to a cutting-edge cloud-based datalab platform, with a specific focus on the healthcare domain. To fuel this endeavor, we raised $5 million to fund this transition. As a result of our efforts, PHEMI Systems garnered considerable attention from a Canadian cloud services company, culminating in a successful acquisition. This project exemplified our proficiency in revitalizing businesses and creating value, reinforcing our commitment to pioneering breakthroughs in the dynamic healthcare analytics landscape.


We led a transformative project with Curoverse, a genomics software company, where Keith served as the Chief Commercial Officer and strategic advisor to the Management team. The focus of the project was to establish a streamlined sales process and sales pipeline for Curoverse's cutting-edge genomics software solutions. Additionally, Keith Elliston's strategic guidance played a pivotal role in facilitating a successful merger between Curoverse and Veritas Genetics, forging a powerful partnership to accelerate innovation in the genomics industry. This project exemplifies our commitment to driving impactful collaborations and fostering the growth of forward-thinking companies in the life sciences and technology sectors.

Radiant Sage

Seneca Creek Ventures collaborated with RadiantSage, a leading imaging clinical research organization, to undertake a transformative project. With a focus on product strategy, we successfully conceptualized and developed a groundbreaking "Core Lab in a Box" product solution, repackaging their cutting-edge technology to offer a comprehensive and streamlined solution for clinical research. Additionally, our team played a pivotal role in formulating and implementing a robust commercialization plan, ensuring widespread adoption and market penetration of the new product. This project exemplifies our expertise in driving innovation and market success for our partners, delivering impactful solutions that redefine industry standards and revolutionize clinical research.

Radiation Associates of Sacramento

Seneca Creek Ventures partnered with the Radiation Associates of Sacramento to embark on a transformative project focused on the development of an Imaging Core lab. Our team diligently worked to create a comprehensive business case, business model, and business plan that laid the foundation for this innovative venture. Collaborating closely with the Radiology Associates team, we guided them through the incorporation process and provided strategic support to successfully launch the new Imaging Core lab. This project exemplifies our commitment to nurturing entrepreneurial endeavors and facilitating the growth of impactful ventures, leading to the establishment of a pioneering company that will revolutionize the field of medical imaging.

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